Fast&Up is an idea born out of a passion to offer a product that caters for all the nutritional needs of athletes, fitness professionals and those who keep fit. Our aim is fuel sport, increase activity and boost immunity and we have been fulfilling that goal and successfully supporting the needs of our customers since 2015. 

Our History

Our lab, overlooking the picturesque and beautiful hills that surround Lugano, Switzerland is surrounded by a world of sport. The Baratelli family have always been avid sports lovers and it was one of those eventful discussions with some bikers that led to the start of a journey into the world of Sports Nutrition.

In 2006, athletes yearned for genuine nutrition options and following discussions with cyclists and runners, it was clear their needs were not being met. Here is a company that takes pride in being a world-class effervescent manufacturer.  

Could we make a product which is effervescent with the right ingredients and an unbeatable mix of amino acids to boost energy and aid in recovery? The answer was a resounding Yes!

The road was filled with hurdles, but with passion and competency: the verdict was unanimous. Effervescent tablets could deliver.

The verdict was unanimous. Effervescent tablets had delivered!

Faster absorption and better bioavailability was an unbeatable combination but the product needed to be convenient practical and produces fast results. Fast&Up, a new brand in Sports Nutrition took shape! It heralded the development of a platform of products for sports nutrition where each product addressed a specific need of a sportsperson or health enthusiast. 

Extensive testing over different conditions and geographies has ensured that we only introduce products that meet the diverse requirements of our customers as well as ensuring performance levels not compromised. Come join the Fast&Up journey!

Come join the Fast&Up journey!

The UK Story

The journey of Fast&Up continues.

With highly innovative Swiss R&D and Italian inputs, the company aims to revolutionize the way sports nutrition is administered. The journey that began in Switzerland with a vision to provide innovative products to the market has become a recognizable brand in Europe and India is launching in the UK now.

Change is the only constant. At Fast&Up, we are constantly thinking of what next we can do next to make the world of nutrition innovative, smart and simple. Get ready to experience the future of nutrition supplements!

Fast&Up believes in an active and healthy lifestyle. You are active if you make an effort to add a healthy activity into your everyday life, and to provide you with the boost you need to fuel your effort , we aim to provide you the best nutrition to that ensures you stay active, stay healthy and experience a life that is Fast&Up!